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Tester apps

Installing the App

Download the Effect Tester App

Go to App Store and download the app:

Download iOS Tester App

tester app ios

Test an effect

To test an effect you will need to generate a QR code in DeepAR Studio and scan it in the app.

browse templates

  • Open your project in DeepAR Studio

  • Click the 'Test on device' button in the top-right corner

test on device

This will generate a QR code in DeepAR Studio with your effect.

scan QR code in Studio

Scan QR Code in Effect Tester App

scan QR code

🎉 Voila! You can preview and test your effect on your phone.

loaded effect

Preview an example effect

If you'd like to preview an example effect in the Effect Tester App, scan the QR code below.

test effect