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DeepAR SDK pricing is based on Monthly Active Users (MAU).

MAU refers to the count of individual users who access DeepAR SDK features within a given month. Users will be counted only once, even if they access DeepAR features multiple times within the same month. However, if they switch devices or browsers, they may be counted separately for each device/browser combination in that month.

MAUPrice Monthly (USD)Price Annually (USD)
Up to 10-Free 😎
Up to 1,000$25$250
Up to 5,000$100$1,000
Up to 30,000$500$5,000
Up to 100,000$1,000$10,000
100,000+-Get in touch

DeepAR SDK is free to use for testing and development purposes with a free license. The free version comes with a watermark.


Start with the pricing plan on DeepAR Developer Portal.

DeepAR Studio.

DeepAR Studio is free to use. Effects created in DeepAR Studio can be used free of charge.

DeepAR effects and filters.

DeepAR offers both free and paid effects.

Get in touch for a quota for custom effects created by DeepAR AR designers and artists.

DeepAR Beauty

Beauty API is currently in beta and free to use for testing and feedback. For that reason it comes with the watermarked preview and auto-shutdown after 3 minutes.

Get in touch for a full version or book a demo.

ShopAR - 3D and AR Commerce platform

ShopAR pricing is not based on MAU. It has a different structure.

Get in touch for more info about ShopAR pricing here.