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DeepAR for Android

Android SDK

DeepAR for Android is a ARR library. It supports both Java and Swift projects.

  • The main interaction with the API is through the DeepAR object.
  • DeepAR does not take in the camera feed as default. Use receiveFrame to feed camera, video or photo frames into DeepAR. RGBA and YUV input pixel buffers are supported. Android demo project showcases using DeepAR with CameraX framework to feed camera frames into DeepAR.
  • DeepAR will render its AR output onto a surface.
    • The surface can be used as source for SurfaceView or TextureView that can be inserted into the view hierarchy for on-screen preview.
    • Surface can be used as the source for video recording or streaming APIs.
  • DeepAR can also produce its output in form of ByteBuffer that can be used with streaming APIs.
  • Screenshot and video recording capabilities are included out-of-the-box.