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DeepAR Android SDK Demo Project

We have a demo project setup on GitHub that lets you test out DeepAR really quickly and it serves as a getting started project.

You can find DeepAR Android Quickstart project on GitHub!

Run demo project locally

  1. Clone the project:
git clone
  1. Open the project in Android Studio.

  2. Set up DeepAR account on our DeepAR developer portal.

  3. Obtain License key:

    1. On developer portal, go to projects and click + New Project.
    2. Enter the name of your project. For example "My First AR App".
    3. Choose a FREE plan.
    4. Under Android App choose + Add App.
    5. Enter the App ID under which you plan to deploy your app. The App ID is located under app/build.gradle and in this case it is ai.deepar.deepar_example.
  4. Copy the generated license key in the instead of "your_license_key_here".

Other demo projects