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DeepAR Effects

Get DeepAR effects:

DeepAR effects store all the 3D models, textures and logic that is needed for the AR experience. The SDK consumes DeepAR effects in order to produce the AR preview. They are an essential part of the DeepAR workflow.

DeepAR effects are created with DeepAR Studio, a comprehensive tool for creating AR experiences for DeepAR SDK. Effects are compiled of:

  • 3D models
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Animations
  • Sounds
  • Scripts

The term AR effects or filters is used interchangeably. There is no difference between the two. But DeepAR officially uses the term effects.


DeepAR SDK on its own doesn't do that much. When it is initialized, it will only show a plain camera feed. To get some interesting AR stuff on the screen, DeepAR SDK needs an AR effect to be loaded.

Loading effects

DeepAR effects are files with .deepar extension (but some legacy effects don't have an extension at all). For mobile apps, you can bundle the effects with the app, or you can download them from some server in runtime. For web apps, you need to host the effects somewhere where your app can fetch them. Effects are usually hosted with the web app itself.

To load the effect into the SDK use switchEffect API and point it to the effect file.

deepAR.switchEffect(withSlot: "slotName", path: "path/to/effect.deepar")

About slots

When loading effect files into DeepAR SDK, you can define a slot for that effect. Slots are useful when you want to load multiple effects at the same time. Slot is a user-defined name where onto which the effect will be loaded. Each slot can only have single effect loaded, For example, you can have one slot for face filters, and one slot for background replacement images.

deepAR.switchEffect(withSlot: "face", path: "path/to/faceEffect.deepar")
deepAR.switchEffect(withSlot: "background", path: "path/to/backgroundReplacement.deepar")

Free effects pack content


Download free effects pack here.

Viking Helmet PBRFace tracking, PBRviking
Vendetta MaskFace trackingvendetta
Flower FaceFace tracking, Animations, LUT, PostprocessingFlower Face
HumanoidFace tracking, Triggers, AnimationsHumanoid
SnailFace tracking, Bone riggingsnail
Devil Neon HornsFace tracking, Blend shapes (face morphing)Devil Neon Horns
Fire EffectLUT, Postprocessing, PNG animationFire Effect
HopeFace tracking, LUT, PostprocessingHope
Burning ManBackground segmentation, PNG animationBurning Man
Galaxy BackgroundBackground Segmentation, Video TexturesGalaxy Background
Elephant TrunkFace tracking, Simple pendulum physics, Bone riggingElephant Trunk
Emotion MeterEmotion detection, Blend shapesEmotion Meter
Emotions ExaggeratorFace tracking, Emotion detection, Bone rigging, Blend shapesEmotions Exaggerator
Ping Pong Mini gameScripting, Physics, Sound, Face trackingPing Pong
Pixel Hearts ParticlesParticlespixel hearts
StalloneFace tracking, Bone riggingstallone