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How do you count MAU?

MAU is a unique user per month - so if the same user accesses DeepAR features multiple times per month they will be counted only once. We qualify uniqueness by collecting non-personal data from the user plus some random seeds that are persisted in the cookies. However, if they change their device or browser they will probably be counted multiple times per device/browser per month.

Do you collect personal data from the users?

We do not store any personal data of the users. All the processing is done on the client side and nothing is sent to our servers except for the collection of non-personal data used to fingerprint the user for the purpose of validating the license and MAU calculation. These include appId, screen resolution, OS version, random seed number, date of access, etc.

Can DeepAR be integrated with video call or live streaming APIs?

DeepAR can be integrated with livestram APIs, we have some examples on our GitHub where you can see how the workflow goes. The idea is to use DeepAR's output as an input to the video stream, instead of the regular live camera feed.

Where can I get effects?

We have an asset store, demo Studio projects, a free effect pack, and you can create your own effects in the Studio or use the included templates.

How do I implement DeepAR?

Check out our documentation for your target platform

How to change my subscription plan or cancel a subscription?

Subscriptions are changed and canceled on the developer portal where you create your projects.

Sign in to your account, navigate to the Projects page from the left side navigation menu, and select the project you would like to change. Once you have selected the project you will see your current plan in the top right of the page, there is a three dots button that will open more options, incudin changing the subscription. To cancel a susbscripton, click on Change subscription and just select the free plan.

How to remove the watermark from the screen?

Make sure you’re on the right payment plan You should have at least the Basic paid plan to remove the watermark. The watermark is automatically removed when you upgrade to any paid subscription plan. All subscription plans are based on the amount of monthly active users (MAU) your app has. Every user that opens your app and uses DeepAR features is counted as an active user for that month.

Do you support Flutter/React-Native?

DeepAR React Native Plugin and DeepAR Flutter plugin are open source projects developed and maintained by the DeepAR community. DeepAR does not actively maintain nor provide customer support for them. All the inquiries should go through community channels such as Github issue reporting system or DeepAR forum. Our support covers only native mobile (iOS and Android), Web and MacOS and the future development will be with those platforms in focus.