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How to Test DeepAR Web SDK Using Ngrok

In this article, we'll guide you through running DeepAR Web SDK using Ngrok. In several easy steps, you will learn how to get a free public URL from Ngrok and run DeepAR's Web SDK using that URL.

1. Ngrok Setup

For Ngrok setup, the first thing you need is to go to the Ngrok website and sign in. After you sign in into Ngrok go to Ngrok Dashboard and follow the steps to download the ngrok installation file.

2. DeepAR Web SDK

Step two is to prepare DeepAR Web SDK. For that, you need to go to [DeepAR developer]( and Log in or Sign up.

After you finished that, go to Downloads and download the DeepAR Web SDK.

Add the Ngrok file (that you downloaded before) inside the example folder under DeepAR Web SDK.

3. Local Host

Now we need to run a localhost server. For that, open the terminal and navigate to the example directory folder under DeepAR Web SDK, and run the script using this command:


Next, in the same example directory in the terminal run the ngrok command to start a HTTP tunnel on port 8888:

    ./ngrok http 8888 

After running that command you will get this black screen with new ngrok URL:

Ngrok URL

Copy the new URL that you get without the http/https.

4.Project Setup

Go to the DeepAR developer and make a new project. Under Applications choose Add web app.

SDK for web

Add web app

Paste the domain that you copied from ngrok in terminal in the Domain Name field. Make sure you remove the http:// or https://.

Ngrok URL

Click Continue and you will get your App key.

App Key

Copy the App key that you get and paste that inside index.html under licenseKey.

License Key

That's it, now you can run it. Go to the ngrok domain on the web. Make sure that you entered the https:// before the domain.


And here it is, our DeepAR Web SDK running on Ngrok URL.

Web SDK Running