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DeepAR Documentation

DeepAR is an end-to-end framework for creating augmented reality (AR) applications and solutions. With a host of pre-built AR effects and the ability to create custom ones, DeepAR provides the flexibility and control needed to create immersive AR experiences for mobile, web and desktop.

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Integrate AR into any mobile, web or desktop application.

DeepAR Studio

DeepAR Studio

Create or modify AR effects and filters.

DeepAR Beauty

Apply virtual makeup and beautification.



AR try-on. 3D preview. Any product. Any website.

About DeepAR

The DeepAR ecosystem is made up of DeepAR products which make it possible to incorporate augmented reality (AR) features into applications, create custom AR effects, add makeup and face morphing, and much more.

Integrating the DeepAR SDK it is possible to use DeepAR effects in the application. DeepAR Studio allows the creation of effects, setting up components, textures, animations, physics, etc. DeepAR Beauty API makes beautification and makeup easily adjustable through a simple API.

By integrating the DeepAR SDK into your application, you gain the capability to use DeepAR's extensive library of effects.
DeepAR Studio
DeepAR Studio empowers you to create your own custom effects, allowing you to set up components, textures, animations, physics, and more.
DeepAR Beauty
The DeepAR Beauty plugin simplifies beautification and makeup adjustments through a straightforward API.
ShopAR is a new end-to-end platform for 3D and AR Commerce, which has been built on the foundations of the DeepAR SDK.

Use Cases

Virtual Try-On

Leverage ShopAR, powered by DeepAR, to integrate virtual try-on capabilities swiftly and manage your digital assets with ease. This transformative feature redefines the online shopping experience, offering customers a more engaging and interactive way to browse and select products.

AR Effects

Enrich your application's content with a diverse selection of AR effects. From lifelike makeup and dynamic face morphing to playful animations, overlays, and immersive 3D objects, these enhancements are designed to elevate user engagement and content quality.

Video Calls & Streaming

Integrate the DeepAR SDK with leading video call and streaming platforms platforms, including Amazon Interactive Video Service (AWS IVS), Agora, and Vonage. This integration brings AR-driven interactivity to video communications, allowing for more engaging and memorable conversations.

Background Replacement & Background Blur

Transform your video calls or live streams with the ability to replace backgrounds using custom images or videos, or apply a sophisticated background blur. These features not only improve the visual engagement but also promote a more professional appearance of the broadcast content.

Virtual Makeup and Beauty

DeepAR's technology transcends the traditional digital beauty space by providing a comprehensive virtual makeup suite. This allows for the flawless application of lifelike cosmetic filters that users can adjust in real-time. With the ability to simulate various makeup products and styles, DeepAR enables a personalized beauty experience that users can enjoy directly from their device, enhancing both engagement and satisfaction. Whether for live streaming, video content, or social media, these beauty features empower creators and brands to connect with their audience through innovative and interactive digital experiences.

AR Mini-Games

Empower developers and designers to craft compelling AR mini-games with DeepAR. These interactive experiences invite users to engage through facial expressions or screen interactions, providing a delightful and entertaining avenue for immersive gameplay.