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DeepAR Virtual Makeup & Beauty

DeepAR Virtual Makeup & Beauty is an AR solution that uses DeepAR SDK to apply virtual makeup to a user's face in real-time. Using a front-facing camera to capture the user's face, DeepAR can apply makeup to a person's face or change the shape of their facial features in real-time. DeepAR Virtual Makeup & Beauty also allows developers to customise the makeup style and intensity on the fly via the SDK API.

About DeepAR

DeepAR’s AR SDK is built for Web, mobile (iOS and Android) and desktop (macOS currently, Windows coming soon) platforms. Our high-performance SDK powers makeup & beauty AR try-ons and face filters for leading beauty brands. The SDK can also be seamlessly integrated with popular video stacks like Amazon Interactive Video Service (AWS IVS), Agora, and Vonage.

DeepAR Studio is our tool for AR effects creation for the DeepAR SDK. It allows creators to produce a massive amount of effects driven by facial movements, body movements, emotions, and even hair shapes. Download it for free here, and check out our tutorials to get started.

Benefits of DeepAR’s Virtual Makeup Try-On Technology

📈 Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a 94% higher purchase conversion rate. (Source)

✅ 81% of shoppers feel more confident in their purchase as a result of using AR. (Source)

🌏 83% of consumers believe AR has the potential to help the environment by reducing returns. (Source)

  • Increase brand awareness with AR makeup & beauty try-on campaigns
  • Give shoppers an easy way to quickly see what your makeup products will look like when applied, facilitating faster purchase decisions
  • Increase conversion rate by up to 94%, and typically more than 50%
  • Reduce returns
  • Grow brand differentiation and loyalty with Personalised Makeup AR shopping experiences
  • DeepAR’s solution is scalable across 50,000+ SKUs and millions of end users
  • DeepAR’s technology is straightforward to integrate and manage
  • DeepAR offers a highly competitive pricing model based on usage similar to AWS and not old-school enterprise per-seat or per-platform licensing models

Virtual Makeup & Beauty Assets

DeepAR combines machine-vision and deep learning tracking with video game quality rendering technology to provide a hyper-realistic virtual try-on for makeup and beauty. DeepAR delivers a number of makeup and beauty asset packages that can be implemented in any browser or app to drive your AR try-on solution.

Our virtual makeup and beauty assets are designed to be flexible and can be used individually, or integrated together to create a single-look experience or endless makeover variations.

Each asset has a set of easily adjustable parameters, such as color, shape, or opacity, which can be easily adjusted in our Studio tool or programmatically via the SDK API to rapidly create almost any makeup product virtually.

👄 Lip Makeup

Our Lip Makeup asset is, of course, for creating virtual lipstick products. We use a combination of tracking and advanced 3D shading techniques to produce a realistic lip color and texture that works with all skin colors and lighting environments.

By adjusting the built-in parameters for color and texture, a realistic model of any lipstick model can be created. Our in-house team of AR artists and designers have taken great care to preserve the important details, so customers can see what the real product will look like using their own device.

Additionally, the DeepAR platform offers full functionality to create any type, and number, of additional variations of these assets for free. We believe in giving our clients full control.

Lip Makeup Asset Products

  • Lipstick
  • Lip Pencil
  • Lip Gloss
  • Lip Stain

Lip Makeup Parameters

NameInput value
ColorHex (eg. #9f1f19)
Texture (Gloss, Matte, Creamy)True/ False or Default (between creamy and matte, depending on opacity)

Lip Makeup Current Limitations

While we have done our best to create realism, this is a new technology and is constantly evolving. There are some limitations that you should be aware of when creating your own AR virtual try-on.

  • Bright lipstick colors (e.g. turquoise, yellow) can appear less realistic in some lighting environments.

Lip Makeup Asset

Our Lip Makeup asset comes as a DeepAR Studio project, with numerous parameters that can be modified and via the project files.

👁 Eye Makeup

A classic Cateye or how about smokey eyes? We’ve got it all. Create a complete AR eye makeover experience with our Eye Makeup assets. The built-in parameters for color, texture, size, and style allow the creation of any eye makeup product.

Eye Makeup Products

  • Eyelashes

    • Natural
    • Sexy
    • Cute
    • Gorgeous
  • Eyeliner

  • Eyeshadow

    • Matte
    • Satin
    • Siny/ Metallic
  • Eye color

Eye Makeup Parameters

NameInput value
Eyelash styleNatural, Sexy, Cute, Gorgeous
Eyeshadow colorHex (eg. #9f1f19) or undefined
Retina color (Coming soon)Hex (eg. #9f1f19)
Eye shineOn/Off
Eye shine
Eye shineNumber 0-1(e.g. 0.3)

Eye Makeup Current Limitations

While we have done our best to create realism, this is a new technology and is constantly evolving. There are some limitations that you should be aware of when creating your own AR virtual try-on.

  • Non-subtle eye colors (eg. red, yellow) can appear less realistic in some lighting environments.

🎨 Face Makeup

Our Face Makeup assets provide a perfect foundation match to customers and product recommendations tools. The customer can pick their skin tone from light to dark and then choose a shade from the color palette. This asset can also add a realistic blur and brightness whilst smoothing skin imperfections. The built-in parameters for color and texture could be adjusted to create a natural-looking shade against any skin color.

Face Makeup Products

  • Skin Smoothing
  • Foundation Color & Shape
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Highlights

Face Makeup Parameters

NameInput value
Skin colorHex (eg. #9f1f19) - auto-detected if undefined
Foundation colorHex (eg. #9f1f19)
Texture Texture (alpha map where the foundation is applied, corresponds on how heavily the foundations is applied and how sheer it is)Number 0-1 (eg. 0.3)

👃 Face Shaper

This try-on allows the user to shape their facial features and enhances their look so they can take the perfect selfie. The Face Shaper asset also benefits aestheticians and cosmetic surgery professionals’ work to showcase a super-realistic preview of the procedure outcome. Depending on the desired end result, each effect can be adjusted with sliders for a more subtle or exaggerated look.

Supported Face Shaper Products

  • Lip thickness
  • Eye size
  • Eye spacing
  • Forehead height
  • Chin shape
  • Jaw shape
  • Eyebrows size
  • Nose size

Face Shaper Paramers

NameInput value
ColorHex (eg. #9f1f19)
Lip thicknessNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Eye sizeNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Eye spacingNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Forehead heightNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Chin shapeNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Jaw shapeNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Eyebrows sizeNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Nose sizeNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)

Face Shaper Limitations

  • Sometimes too many combos can cause an issue but our team is working on solving this by limiting some options.

Face Shaper Examples

👱🏼‍♀️ Hair Color

Hair color change is a big decision for most people! Our Hair Color try-on allows users to change their hair color virtually, in real-time and find the perfect shade. This asset works on any hair color or hair length. Different hair colors and hair coloring styles can be applied and their intensity adjusted with an up-down slider.


Currently available only on iOS SDK.

Supported Hair Color Products

  • Single hair color
  • Two-color gradient
  • Half-dye block
  • Multicolor
  • Full RGB Range
NameInput value
ColorHex (eg. #9f1f19)
IntensityNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)
Feather control (Coming soon)Number 0-1 (eg. 0.3)

Hair Color Current Limitations

  • Lighter colors can appear less realistic in some lighting environments.

😁 Teeth Whitening

A pearly-white smile is just a tap away! Our Teeth Whitening asset adds a white mask to naturally whiten and brighten any shape or size of human teeth. The intensity of the teeth-whitening try-on can be adjusted using built-in parameters for a more realistic effect. Just like any other asset, Teeth Whitening can be used on its own or in conjunction with other DeepAR effects.

Teeth Whitening Parameters

NameInput value
ColorHex (eg. #9f1f19)
HueRGB value
IntensityNumber 0-1 (eg. 0.3)


DeepAR offers flexible pricing to suit projects of any size, depending on your Monthly Active Users (MAU).

For pricing details, please refer to our pricing calculator.



Integrate DeepAR SDK in your project.



Android SDK

DeepAR Agora Extension


DeepAR works with the concept of - meshes, texture, assets, effects, filters, shaders, looks, projects and parameters. This is pretty standard across the industry:

DeepAR Makeup & Beauty Terms

  • Asset - Your finished AR file - 3D and AR features (ie. a lipstick asset - that is in the shape of a person’s lips and has color/transparency properties) that can be applied to a video feed using the DeepAR SDK

  • Parameter - A variable built into an asset that allows you to personalize it - eg. a lip color on the Lip Makeup asset. These can be set programmatically via our SDK.

  • Effect - a binary output of DeepAR Studio that can be loaded by the SDK (different from Project which is Studio specific format with access to all the source files used in the effect creation)

  • Filter - refers to an asset that adds postproduction effects like making the entire camera feed black & white.

  • Project - A DeepAR project file that can contain one or more effects, version history, and source files.

  • Look - precisely a number of makeup and beauty assets and parameter settings used together to create a “makeup look” or ‘makeover’.

General 3D Terms

  • Mesh - a 3D structure combined of polygons, usually triangles.

  • Texture - an image that is applied to a 3D mesh to give it a visual appearance. Very few objects in the real world have completely uniform surfaces.

  • Shader - a shader and a set of exact shader parameters which can be applied to various 3D meshes in the scene.

  • Material - Defines the optical properties of an object: its color and whether it is dull or shiny

  • Shading - A group of functions that determine the way light affects the 2D texture

  • 3D Object - A combination of meshes, materials and textures, and shaders that can be imported into the DeepAR studio.