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Change Parameter API

Physics Parameters

This page enumerates all physics subsystem parameters that can be modified using the Change Parameter API call. More info about it can be found here.

Component Name(s)Parameter NameParameter TypeParameter Info
PhysicsWorldenableSimulationBooleanEnable or disable physics simulation. Setting this value to false will behave the same as if no physics world was added.
PhysicsWorldgravityVector3The force representing gravity in world space (positive Y is down)
PhysicsWorldkinematicKnockbackFactorFloatMultiplier of an impulse which will be applied by static physics bodies to non-static physics bodies with which they collide. Setting this value to 0 will disable the knockback.
PhysicsBoxBody, PhysicsSphereBody, PhysicsCapsuleBodymassFloatThe mass of an object. Zero mass implies static object.
PhysicsBoxBody, PhysicsSphereBody, PhysicsCapsuleBodyignoreGravityBooleanControls if the object is affected by gravity. Other forces will still move the object.
PhysicsBoxBody, PhysicsSphereBody, PhysicsCapsuleBodysolidObjectBooleanSolid objects will collide with other solid objects. Making bodies non-solid can be useful for detecting collisions, but not responding to them.
PhysicsBoxBody, PhysicsSphereBody, PhysicsCapsuleBodyfixedPositionVector3BooleanPhysics does not affect the position of the object in the axes that are fixed.
PhysicsBoxBody, PhysicsSphereBody, PhysicsCapsuleBodyfixedRotationVector3BooleanPhysics does not affect the rotation of the object in the axes that are fixed.
PhysicsBoxBody, PhysicsSphereBody, PhysicsCapsuleBodyrestitutionFloatCoefficient representing the elastic collision ratio for a certain object.
PhysicsBoxBodyextentVector3X, Y, and Z sizes of the collider.
PhysicsSphereBodyradiusFloatRadius of the sphere.
PhysicsCapsuleBodyradiusFloatRadius of the capsule.
PhysicsCapsuleBodyheightFloatThe height of the cylinder between two half spheres. Height of 0 makes this the same as a sphere collider.
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstraintinheritFromParentBooleanWhen a parent body also has a physics constraint of the same type as its parent, you can check this option to inherit the same parameters (making the setup a lot easier for chains where each element has the same properties).
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstraintlocalContactPivotVector3Offset of the constraint contact point from the current object (in current object local space).
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstraintparentContactPivotVector3Offset of the constraint contact point from the parent object (in parent object local space).
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstraintoverrideErpBooleanSet to true when you wish to override the default ERP (error reduction parameter).
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstrainterpFloatError reduction parameter. More info here.
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstraintoverrideCfmBooleanSet to true when you wish to override the default CFM (constraint force mixing).
PhysicsSpringConstraint, PhysicsRopeConstraintcfmFloatConstraint force mixing. More info here.
PhysicsSpringConstraintnoElongationLimitBooleanDisables minimum and maximum elongation limit of the spring (the spring can be infinitely compressed and expanded).
PhysicsSpringConstraintminimumElongationFloatLength of the spring when maximally compressed.
PhysicsSpringConstraintmaximumElongationFloatLength of the spring when maximally expanded.
PhysicsSpringConstraintstationaryElongationFloatLength of the spring when in equilibrium. The spring will oscillate around this point.
PhysicsSpringConstraintstationaryDirectionVector3The direction in which the spring expands.
PhysicsSpringConstraintisInWorldSpaceBooleanIf checked, the stationaryDirection is in world space, otherwise, it is in the parent body’s local space.
PhysicsSpringConstraintenableSpringBooleanEnables or disables the spring.
PhysicsSpringConstraintspringStiffnessFloatForce required to compress or expand the spring.
PhysicsSpringConstraintspringDampingFloatInfluence of oscillation around the stationary (equilibrium) point.
PhysicsRopeConstraintropeLengthFloatLength of the rope.
PhysicsForceModifierenableModifierBooleanEnable or disable physics modifier. Setting this value to false will behave the same as if no physics force modifier was added.
PhysicsForceModifierapplyToChildrenBooleanApply force to child game objects (shallow).
PhysicsForceModifierapplyToDescendantsBooleanApply force to child game objects (recursive).
PhysicsForceModifierforceVector3Force vector.
PhysicsForceModifierisInWorldSpaceBooleanIf true the force vector is in world space, otherwise it is in the game objects local space.
PhysicsForceModifierscaleByMassBooleanScales the force by the mass of the physics body (so the specified force will behave as if it was acceleration instead).