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Getting Started

To run the DeepAR iOS SDK, you first need to sign up and create your DeepAR account. If you haven't done that you can do it here: DeepAR Sign Up.

After you’ve signed up and logged in to DeepAR, you can create your new project.

Go to the Projects and click the + New Project button to create a new project.

Start a New Project

Choose + Add App for Android App.

Add iOS App

For App Name choose any name you want, and for App ID set your bundle id.

Read more about Application ID here.

Now just hit Create app, and you will get your license key (app key).

Download the DeepAR iOS SDK.

Copy the App key and paste it inside your DeepAR iOS SDK project under "your_license_key_here".

DeepAR iOS SDK - Installation

iOS platform SDK is distributed as an iOS framework. Following are the steps to include the library inside your project:

  • Drag the DeepAR.framework file into your Xcode project.

  • In the target settings for your project, under the General tab, add the DeepAR.framework in the "Embedded binaries" and "Linked Frameworks and libraries" sections.

  • In the ViewController class where you plan to use the ARView, add the necessary import statement:

      #import <DeepAR/ARView.h>
  • Instantiate the ARView class and add it to your view hierarchy (see the included ExampleClient app for the code reference)

Usage requirements


DeepAR iOS SDK supports devices running iOS 11 or higher.


The hardware requirement for background segmentation and hair segmentation features is iPhone 7 or newer.


In the Info.plist file of your project, you need to add the following entries and their descriptions (the descriptions are optional):

  • Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description

  • Privacy - Microphone Usage Description

  • Privacy - Camera Usage Description

These are needed since the library uses camera features to take screenshot and videos which can be saved to your phone library. Additionally, to enable the sound processing features for recorded videos microphone usage description is required.