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Looks and presets

DeepAR Beauty comes with ready-made looks and presets. These can be used as-is, or they can be a great starting point for making new looks or presets. They are also used to save and share the creations made with DeepAR Beauty.

🎁 Download looks and presets here.

What is the difference between looks vs presets? Presets are part of a whole look and they can be combined to make a completely new look. For example, there are presets for each main category: face makeup, eye makeup and lip makeup.

To import a look/preset call:


To export a look/preset call:


Where type can be:

  • Beauty.ExportType.LOOK or "LOOK".
  • Beauty.ExportType.PRESET or "PRESET".

⚠️ NOTE: Disabled parameters will not be exported.